The Association of Agricultural Producers and Cacaocultores of the Municipality of Cáceres, APROACA, is a non-profit organization that has been carrying out its activities since 2008. It was created as a tool for generating opportunities to develop sustainable and profitable projects at local, regional and national level that contribute to the improvement of our quality of life and to the growth of farmers and cacao.


APROACA, is dedicated to the production and commercialization of agricultural products, being our main line the cacao. Currently we are developing the stage of processing and commercialization of high quality products in our processing plant.


As an operator or strategic ally, APROACA provides the service of administration or execution of projects with entities. The organization has positioned itself in the region as a responsible and committed association with the progress of its partners and the community in general,



The Cocoa Association of Valdivia "Asocaval", a non-profit organization made up of cocoa producers and marketers, founded on August 9, 2009.

We are an organization that supports and develops productive and commercial activities to improve the social and economic stabilization of the families of our associated.


By the year 2020, we will be a national organization highly committed to the agricultural development and business partner applying technological processes, innovative and competitive in the provision of services, development of commercial and agricultural initiatives, and in the execution of projects.



It is an association of producers of forest families in the lower basin of the Nechí River, which seeks the sustainable use of natural resources as a method to counteract the serious social and environmental decomposition caused by the exercise of some illicit activities.


The work of ASOBOSQUES, has included a great effort to guarantee the technological improvement of the rubber, cocoa and livestock chains.


ASOBOSQUES, is ready for the integration of all agroforestry and livestock producers without distinction of gender, race, political position, religious or social class, interested in the exercise of participatory and democratic management for the achievement of a common benefit.


"ASOBOSQUES" is an integrated organization and constituted in the year 2005 by 111 agricultural producers of El Catre, who acted as founding partners.


This organization emerged during the implementation of the first phase of the "Ranger Families" program which sought to provide legitimate employment and income options for rural families located in vulnerable or conflict regions.



Activa G10 is a second level Alternative Development Organization (ODA), made up of two (2) associations and eight (8) first level cooperatives in two municipalities in the south of Córdoba: Tierralta and Valencia. 425 families make up the productive base, among which are Afro and indigenous people.

Active G10 has been working for progress, creating future, sowing culture, building hope, renewing generations in search of peace building.



Today there are more than 434 hectares of cocoa in production, 1200 established beehives and different activities that have become the life expectancy of families in the region.


Currently, the organization sells the cocoa produced with the National Company of Chocolates and the company Casa Luker, which allows them to shorten the chain of intermediation between the producer and the industrialist.




The Asociación Agropecuario de Puerto Libertador "AFAPUL", was constituted on July 19, 2005 and registered on September 20, 2005 under authorities.


It is a powerful organization, led by agricultural workers who work in the municipality of Puerto Libertador and its Cordoba surroundings.


AFAPUL carries out technology transfer projects, implementing good agricultural practices, good manufacturing practices and providing technical assistance to beneficiary and partner producers.


We encourage the creation of microenterprises and solidarity economy companies and we promote and execute programs that generate income that help the family support of producers



ASAPA began in the year 2000 when a group of peasants with an entrepreneurial spirit, decided to get land to create a project to generate income for their families.

With the mayor´s help they get 200 hectares of land legally and began to exploit it with 30 producers, after some incidents of violence there were only 18 producers working on this project and were legally constituted on March 9, 2011 with Nit: 900 419 696-0.

At present, 85 peasant families with 170 hectares of cocoa are associated.

ASAPA are provides technical assistance, training in agricultural matters and support for cacao plantations.


Acata is an association of producers and marketers of cocoa located in the municipality of taraza, (Urbanization San Martin lot 11 mz 10) made up of 66 associates.

The organization was born to replace illicit crops and provide opportunities for families in the region.

It was constituted by act 001 of August 08 of 2004, and registered legally, the day 09 November of 2004


The association has two collection centers which are located in the head of Tarazá and Caucana.


Acata counts on suitable personnel conformed by agronomic engineers, socio-business professional, administrative assistant, field technicians, group of tasters and a manager, who operate each one of the projects.


We are an organization of small nonprofit producers, dedicated to the exploitation and commercialization of agricultural products, in Valencia, Córdoba department.

ASOPRODEMA works with ethical principles of quality and efficiency in order to strengthen productive processes aimed at improving the members life quality.


It was constituted by act 001 of September 04 of 2001, and registered in the authorities, on May 06, 2002. The main activity is the production, profit and commercialization of cacao, banana.

The association has a collection center for the cocoa product located in the municipal Valencia – Cordoba.


The Association of Returned Displaced Persons of the Mata Maize has identified the sources of competitive advantages and that give an added value to its social work


2. Formulation of projects to meet the identified need.

3. Management to national and international entities to get economic resources.

4. Development and implementation of activities to understand family’s needs.

5. Knowledge transfer to the board directors and associates, in terms of technical, social, accounting, financial and management training.

6. Satisfaction needs of the community.

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